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Experience Excellent Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne

Professional cleaning keeps colours looking vibrant and fabrics smelling fresh. Our team of experts will take care of your upholstered furnishing – couches, sofas, cushions and chairs. Additionally you can arrange car upholstery cleaning for your vehicle – our technicians will take care of it.


Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Isla Crofts

My sofa was badly stained after the house-warming party I had last week. Thanks to you, it looks like brand new again!
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Julian Cracknell

I book your upholstery cleaning service once a season and I must admit it has done the world of good to my furniture.
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Sophia Cannan

I've been using Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for some time now, and my upholstered furniture has never looked and felt...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
George Hovell

Your cleaning team is fantastic. They always deliver exceptional results! Way to go, Paul!
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Oscar Redmond

We honestly thought the damage on our couch is irreversible. But thanks to Paul's cleaners, the upholstery is completely...
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We’ll begin by assessing your cleaning needs, then we’ll create the best possible cleaning package to suit all types of fabric. Our qualified upholstery cleaners will pre-treat any stains, ensuring their complete removal with our modern equipment and non-toxic cleaning products. We’ll also advise you on protective solutions to help prevent future marks. Couch cleaning has never been so extensive before.

Melbourne Upholstery Experts

Paul’s technicians are fully insured, so when they’re in your home you are totally protected.

We ensure that all of our cleaning products are both child- and pet-friendly. We don’t use over-the-counter solutions. Our bespoke cleaning methods are guaranteed to effectively deep clean all fibres, no matter how delicate. No residues will be left behind, and your upholstery will be left sanitised and odour-free. Drying times will be minimal. We’ll be gentle and caring throughout the cleaning process to make sure you’re delighted with the brilliant results.

The Advantages of Using Our Melbourne Upholstery Experts

Take a look below and you’ll see some of the other benefits you’ll receive when you hire experienced upholstery cleaners in Melbourne:

  • Qualified and certificated cleaners
  • Long-lasting clean
  • Service guarantee
  • Excellent cleaning reputation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Customised cleaning packages
  • Affordable rates

As well as providing you with some of the most reasonable cleaning rates in the area,

Professional Upholstery Cleaners

we’ll also give you great discounts if you use any of our other quality cleaning services. For example, if you need our mattress cleaning or our exclusive curtain cleaning service, simply add them to your order and save even more money. Ask our team about our multiple service deals to learn more – they’ll make sure you get first-class services at affordable prices.