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*Minimums of $79 apply. The deal is valid for rooms of up to 12 square meters

For some, carpet cleaning is a tough job. There are so many types of materials, stains and cleaning agents that you often don’t even have an idea where to start. No worries, though, our cleaners can take on those stains because they have the equipment, the detergents, and the experience needed. Something more, they will handle every aspect of the cleaning process. From vacuuming your carpet to choosing the most suitable cleaning method and successfully applying it. All that is left for you is hire us and you’ll save time and money.


Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Georgina Campbell

The cleaners were very knowledgeable & I felt comfortable asking for advice on all sorts of cleaning issues.
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Theresa Johnson

Was very pleased with the service. The men were here right on time & finished the cleaning quickly. They were also...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Katie Taylor

My carpets looked as if we had just laid them. I really didn't believe that the cleaning could be so good!
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Jonathan Callaghan

Our entryway and living room carpet are completely clean now. We can now actually see the real colour of the carpets. Also,...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Jesse Turner

Our three rugs are cleaner than ever, and the colours are so vivid! We are very happy with Paul's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne...
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Do You Know Why Carpets Are One of the Most Popular Floor Coverings?

See what are the benefits of having carpet in your home or office.

You Get the Whole Package

Cleaning Services and More…

A Carpet Cleaning Technician Vacuuming the FloorYou can fully trust our carpet cleaners to get rid of the persistent stains. Besides the pleasing cleaning results, our services also give you a number of practical benefits, such as:

  • Protecting you from air pollutants, dust mite infestations and mould growth
  • Stain acidity testing and pretreatment with the right cleaning solutions
  • Carpet protection solution applied after cleaning, preserving your carpet from stains for 6 months
  • Special treatment with deodoriser so it smells nice and fresh

The Methods Our Carpet Cleaners Use to Deal with the Stains

Most carpet cleaning companies provide you with only one cleaning method. Not us. We know that every carpet is different. Therefore, to give you the results you want, along the variety of detergents, our specialists have also carefully selected the most efficient carpet cleaning methods – hot water extraction, steam carpet cleaning, and dry cleaning.

Furthermore, before commencing any work, our carpet cleaners will begin by doing a pH test on larger stains so they determine the best way to treat them. They’ll then use a special alkaline solution to treat these stains and high-traffic areas. That has proven to be the most efficient strategy against stains because these two steps complement the actual cleaning and deliver the best results possible.

How to Book Our Highly Effective Services?

A Carpet Cleaner Doing a Stain Pre-TreatmentHaving read all that, right about now you’re probably wondering “How do I book these guys?” It’s quite simple really. Now, for your convenience, you can hire us by simply calling our phone lines, filling in the callback form on the bottom of the page, or by starting a chat with our helpful advisers. You can also contact them at any time with questions concerning the services or the special deals we’ve got for you. They will gladly help you out.

What Else Can We Help You With

You should also know that we at Paul’s Carpet Cleaning make great efforts to deliver you a truly comprehensive range of services. Therefore, in addition to the exemplary carpet cleaning we offer, you can also take advantage of our rug, upholstery and leather cleaning, to name but a few. We can even help you with water damaged carpeting and carpet repair as well.

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